• Organized Directory of Nonprofit Organization Base On Interest

    There are so many ways to find for the list of the nonprofit organization. One of it is to look on the directory of a nonprofit organization that falls into the category of the prime interest, but to assist you we have some list of the nonprofit organizations that you may be looking for, check them out below.


    1. For Human Rights

    This is the nonprofit organization that helps and assists those who are victims of human rights and they will also provide awareness and education to promote their vision and mission. Example of the human rights nonprofit organizations are the following; the Americans United, Anti-defamation on American Indian Affairs, American Jewish World Service, Amnesty International, The Carter Center, The Children's Defense Fund, The Human Rights Watch, The Center for Victims of Torture and more.



    2. For Animal Rights


    For those who are animal lovers, you can also seek help and protection for animals in an animal right nonprofit organization such in a way that they will provide education on how we can better protect animals and preserve their habitats. Among these animal nonprofit organization are the following; The Defenders of Wildlife, Doris Day Animal League, Best Friends Animal Society, Animal Welfare Institute, the very famous PAWS or Performing Animal Welfare Society and more. You may also check the local leaders of other nonprofit organizations in your area or proceed to the town hall nearest you.


    3. For Emergency Relief

    If you are looking for some the list of nonprofit organization that can help your local state in times of natural disaster such as flood, earthquake, typhoon, or even war, you can also contact the American Red Cross, Emergency Nutrition Network, Children's Disaster Services and more.


    4. For Refugees


    For those looking for support for refugees that displaced their homes because of war, disease, famine, or chaos in politics you can also get help from the American Refugee Committee, International Rescue Committee, American Near East Refugee Aid, and more.


    5. For Medical Help


    Different country or state may also have a nonprofit organization that provides help to people who could not afford to have medical relief because of their financial situation or geographic location but we have some list you can take note if you are looking for this type of nonprofit organization. These are the CURE International, the AmeriCares, the Catholic Medical Mission Board, the Operation Smile, World Medical Relief, and more.


    6. For Education Opportunities


    If you wish to finish your study but could not finance on your own, you may also seek assistance with the nonprofit organization such as the following; Access College Foundation, Asia Society, BELL, AFS USA, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, and many more. They are looking forward to helping and assisting those who need education opportunities especially if you came from cultural minorities.


    7. For Health Research


    If you are looking how to prevent or better manage when you have a certain illness, these nonprofit organization can help you enlighten your burden and live like normal. This includes the following nonprofit organization; Alliance for Aging Research, American Heart Association, Avon Foundation, Arthritis Research Institute, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, City of Hope, directory of non profit organizations , Autism Speaks, and many more.


    8. For Those Who Have Chronic Disease


    Chronic diseases can burden the families of the person who has it. This not only on financial aspect but as well as for the emotional support but with the nonprofit organization that centers to care for people who are in need of these types of support, they can provide financial and medical aid as well as emotional support. Here is the list of the nonprofit organization that can help you; the American Kidney Fund, the American Liver Foundation, Project Sunshine, CaringBridge, and many more.


    9. Cancer Support


    Caring for others especially those who suffer from cancer is very much appreciated by families and their loved ones and so here is the list that can uplift their spirit. This includes the American Cancer Society, The Breast Cancer Organization, the Cancers and Careers, the Children's Cancer and Blood Foundation, and more.


    10. For Physically And Mentally Incapable


    People from different walks of life also established and formed a nonprofit organization that can help those who have mental and physical disabilities to help their family in rearing and caring for their loved ones who has this. These are the nonprofit organization that caters to these needs. The Heritage for the Blind, the American Association of the Deaf and Blind, ARC, and more.


    11. For Hunger And Poverty


    Everywhere there are people who need assistance for their health care, food, and shelter because of the poverty. The following nonprofit organization can help these people with the fight against hunger and poverty programs and health and housing care. This includes the Coalition for the homeless, Modest Needs, Christian relief services, Care, Society of Saint Andrew and more.

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